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Maa Shanti Film Foundation (MSFF) is a registered organisation (proprietary) with Western India Film Producers Association (WIFPA), Mumbai INDIA. MSFF is engaged in producing feature films, documentaries, travelogue etc. on interesting and off beat subjects related to certain misconceptions of ancient history and civilisations on this earth. We, at MSFF, mostly deal with meaningful and unexplored contents. 

We, the people on this earth, in 21st century, are facing innumerable crisis such as violence, terror, torture, crime and cruelty despite the so-called development and technological advancement. More we move towards betterment of human society, more we get negativity in our social system. Our TV channels and other sources of mass media are flooded with violent stories highlighting unethical practices, and glorifying the wrong doers in the system and deliberately ignoring the core values and real issues.

The current global scenario gives us an impression that the humanity is encircled in unwanted glamour, glitter, gizmos, violence and fantasy, which has nothing to do with the genesis and wellbeing of mankind. To a great extent, films and mass media has immensely contributed towards degenerating human values throughout the world in some form or other.

The main purpose of cinema, during early years, was to create awareness and educate masses about moral value system and rationality through creative entertainment. Unfortunately nowadays cinema has deviated from this path and distracted masses from the reality of life. Truth and tolerance has taken the back seat all over the world because of excess portrayal of violence, crime, cruelty and corruption in the celluloid world.

MSFF is taking a humble initiative to produce responsible, meaningful and original feature films and documentaries on subjects that promote Truth and Non-violence in human society. Our aim is to focus on simplicity and truth in our system through content driven cinema. We believe that when we crush justice, we deny Truth and Truth must prevail upon under all circumstances. It might sound philosophical to some, but then, this is the need of the hours. If we ignore this now, future will suffer and the present generation be held responsible for not doing enough for the posterity.

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Movies Coming Soon